From a very young age, Caz was aware that she could do something, which, to her seemed normal, but which she never heard anyone else discuss.  And when she did discuss it, people would look at her like she was insane.  At the time, Caz was unaware of what this ability was, but later came to learn that it was Astral Travel.  She was able to do this at will, and it came very naturally to her.  Because no one else around Caz seemed to understand this, she learnt to keep it to herself.

As the years went by, and Caz became a teenager, she would to go to her Grandfathers shed (he had passed to spirit a few years before), and she would stand quietly, eyes closed and just think of her Grandfather... who she adored.  He would then appear to her, and chat with her... again, this became normal, but when she explained she had been talking with her Grandfather, this again was not understood.  Caz never spoke of it again.

It wasn't until years later, when at the age of 21, Caz went to see a local Medium and was astounded that someone understood what she had been experiencing for all these years.  This sparked something inside of her, to go and explore this.  But life took over, children arrived, and this once more was put on hold.  Until one day she was invited to go on a Paranormal Investigation with a company called SpiritualEyes.  This now kick started Caz into action.  She began to research, study, and attend a development circle at Derby Charnwood Street, Derby. 

Not long after, she set up her own home circle with a few friends who were interested, and the Squirrel's Awareness Circle had been born.

This was just the beginning, and after a year or so, the circles expanded from awareness, to development, and onto Altered States and Trance Mediumship.  Caz continued to study and develop her own abilities and had moved to be under the guidance of Mansfield Spiritualist Centre. 

Nearly 6 years later, Caz was inspired to turn her attentions to holding workshops, still within her own home.  Along with family life, being a single mum, and working during the day, this now seemed to stretch her to her limits, and something had to give.  This unfortunately was the home circles, as they were taking up 4 nights of the week, every week, plus the workshops at the weekend.  So the circles stopped in November 2016 and she formed the now   " Acorn Academy of Mediumship". 

The workshops were becoming more popular, and bookings came flooding in.  Caz still holds many events at her home, but is now taking the workshops out further afield, with the help of her partner Sean (Dolly) and friend Deb (Dixie) 

Caz's latest ventures have seen her being invited to do interviews for American ladies, Sandra Champlain's "We Don't Die Radio" and Kathy Beltran's "Sacred Dance With Trance", and "American Trance Development."  These interviews can be seen on FB and YouTube. 

The most recent venture has been to facilitate a 6 day Trance Seminar for Swiss students in August 2019. And February 2020 will see Caz & Dolly oversea's teaching in Switzerland. 


The future of Acorn Academy of Mediumship lies totally in the hands of Spirit and yourselves.  If Spirit or you require it, we will do our best to provide it, without compromising our ethics and values.



@ cazdukes