It was (by far) the most amazing, humbling loving and funny experience of my life!

I was a little nervous about what to expect due to previous religious/social conditioning .. but what happened was truly beautiful.. I’ve never felt love and joy like it! Thank you so much for the opportunity to experience a truly magical moment xxx

Charlotte Eastwood

Trance, Cabinet & Energy Workshop (16/17 Jun 18)

Thanks Caz for a wonderful workshop.

Hollywood & Most Haunted & other such entertainment has done little to portray the above type of phenomena is a positive light. Many do not understand the real forces of nature, and that this phenomena is real, natural and wonderful.

I have met Caz previously on a number of occasions, and I have always thought of her as a person of integrity, and a person who will do her upmost to help others experience and understand the spiritual world and associated phenomena. I was overjoyed to attend my first workshop with Caz Dukes, I was not disappointed with the quality of her training, and the in depth information she was able to impart.

The workshop was packed full of practical exercises, putting the learned theory into action. I learned so much about the subject, moreover I found the feedback given from the group exercises especially helpful, Caz was able to confirm what was being experienced by myself, & others in the group was correct and real.

I highly recommend Caz Dukes, and her helper Deb’s courses and workshops, a correct understanding in her field of expertise, and their mechanics would help many correct their misconceptions and fears.

Top workshop, next please,

Malcolm Senna

Thank you for a wonderful evening Caz.💜
It was an honour to spend time with Michael and to share this time with lovely like minded people.
The questions and answers were very interesting and thought provoking. Thank you Michael for sharing your knowledge and love with us. Thank you Caz and Deb for all you do to help and encourage so many others. xxx

Jayne Hodgetts

The reason I came to Acorn Academy was because I was looking for a tutor, someone who treats me as an equal, who will steer me in the right direction, someone who is a friend in the true sense of the word, who will encourage me to achieve but who can tactfully deliver constructive criticism as this is most definitely needed on occasions. The adage “when the student is ready, the tutor appears” has been true for me. I have waited and waited for promises of being included in peoples home circle but it has never materialised. I have been actively discouraged from starting my own home circle too. Since attending your workshops though you have encouraged and believed in me and this has given me the confidence and courage to start working for spirit. With the encouragement and generosity of a lovely medium I have now taken part in a service and all this has happened since attending Acorn Academy.


I attended the Trance workshop with Caz and myself and the Raven circle are also booked in for a bespoke workshop this month. For me I have found Caz very friendly, professional and approachable. She is very encouraging and has a wealth of experience from which to draw from and to use in guiding us. When I visited Squirrels HQ I was made to feel most welcome by both Caz and latterly her wonderful spirit team. I learnt a lot and experienced a lot also. What I like about Caz is that 'Ego' is not in her dictionary and her help is truly valuable in my development. I would recommend her to any person seeking development spiritually.

Craig Badley


I did a day of Introduction To Mediumship at Charnwood Church. Caz made me feel at ease from the start, and the whole day was full of really important information and very interesting ways to relax,  great ways to do meditation. I was so relaxed all day, she's a truly amazing lady and I can't wait to be at more classes or group's that she will do, as she made me realise that it's a honour and a privilege to work with spirit and for that I am truly grateful to her.

Debbie Meynall

I went to Caz's trance workshop and it was a truly amazing day. Caz is a fabulous tutor and mentor, no airs of authority or ego just a very knowledgeable friendly fun facilitator who is wonderfully truly spiritual teacher. I would recommend her to anybody wanting to develop and I can't wait for the next workshop! Xx

Liz Parnell.

I attended the Introduction to Mediumship with Caz a few months ago and I learned more from Caz than I had from previously sitting in 4 awareness circles. Caz is a wonderful ambassador for spirit. All she wants it to serve spirit in the best way she can and to teach and get the best out of everyone attending her workshops or circles. There is no ‘Ego’ which is what I love and something I have found very rare. I have since attended other workshops with Caz and I cannot praise her enough for her help, guidance, knowledge of spirit and the wonderful way she delivers the workshops. She is so welcoming and kind and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her teaching and workshops to everyone. I wish there were more teachers like her out there.

Jean Caudwell

What a fabulous day we all had at the Introduction to Mediumship workshop. We had the most informative practical workshop ever.....and I have been on a few. This was by far the best, love laughter and friendship, whilst learning at the same time, couldn't be better. Bring on the next one Caz you are amazing 😘 😇 😊 😃

Annie Clarke

I attended Caz’s development circle from 2014/2015.

Having been to a number of different development circles prior to this, i found myself finally at home

A totally relaxed, structured and well guided circle. With the encouragement and guidance from, Caz I learnt more here, that i had in the previous 4 years, in any other development circle

Week after week, covering different types of medium-ship and constant practise, My development found its natural channel, in creative writing

I now constantly use this channel, still finding it totally incredible and unbelievable when i deliver spirits words through it.

I cant praise Caz and her spirit team enough, for their GENUINE, honesty, care, love, guidance and supervision

Its a total blessing

Rusty Wallis x x x

Well what An Amazing Day. What a pleasure and honour to work alongside an amazing gifted mentor and her spirit team . as well as The group of people who were at the workshop today. It's certainly opened my eyes. Such a fantastic foundation understanding of energies. Amazing dedication to your belief Caz and quality of your tutoring. Thank you

Tommy McKinstry

​Thank you for a truly amazing day Caz Dukes Deb Cotton. Your faith, love and generosity shine like a beaming star ⭐️. You and your spirit team are inspirational and I feel blessed to have spent the time with you. May love, peace and harmony rain down on you. Love as always, 

Helen Wright