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White Sand and Stone


Caz and Dolly ARE Acorn Academy of Mediumship. 

Caz has been teaching for around 12 years now and has built Acorn Academy of Mediumship from small home circles to now working and teaching both in the UK and Internationally.  When Dolly joined some years ago, this enhanced Acorn Academy to another level, and now, as husband and wife, they teach together, and separately.

Dolly has over 22 years’ experience and Caz has been Spirit aware since early childhood.  So individually and collectively, they have a wealth of knowledge and understanding in their own unique styles.  Together this gives an all-round experience for the student.

And even though this section is ABOUT US, The most important message that both Caz and Dolly want to express is that for them, it's never been about them, it's always about Spirit and the student.

Spiritual Talk TV Interview with Caz
Kathy Beltran Interview with Caz 1
Kathy Beltran Interview with Caz 2
Sandra Champlain We Don't Die Radio 
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